2013 Jewellery Challenge – Brooch a Week

January 1, 2013 in Brooch A Week 2013 by Wendylee

Happy New Year to you all!

So it is time to set yourself challenges, resolutions for the coming year.

As a jewellery artist I love to learn new techniques and at the begining of each year i write myself a list of things that I want to learn for the year. This year i decided to do things a little different. Each Year I have followed the weekly challenges on flickr, each year being a different challenge such as rings the sets an so on.

This years theme is Brooch a week.  Brooch A Week

To participate you need to create and post an image of your brooch each week. That is 52 brooches in 2013. That is alot of brooches and the challenge is scaring me a little. Being the begiing of the year you are full of such hopes and bravado for the year I jumped in and thought why not! I can do this.

There is only one little hiccup in this challenge and that is I have never ever in my entire life made a brooch. It is the one piece of jewllery that I don’t wear and was therfore never intersted in making. I steered clear of workshops and silversmithing classes where you had to make a brooch.

So I am a little excited about this challenge as I set out on my journey for the year in Brooch making. I am excited to document my progress and can’t wait to see how far I have come by the end of 2013 and who knows I may actually start to wear them in 2013.

Wish me luck!

Anyone else brave enough to join me on this challenge?



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