Super Sexy Marquis Earrings

August 12, 2013 in Madeit, New Products by Wendylee

I find that as the weather starts to warm up I am more inclined to wear jewellery. As I shed my winter layers and come out of hibernation bold colours are always my first choice.

This collection was designed with summer in mind. Bold colours, super sexy shapes. Worn during the day to brighten your work day or at night with a gorgeous little black dress.

No matter what occasion these earrings are a must have accessory this summer to brighten your day.

Available from

Sterling Silver and Resin Earrings

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August 11, 2013 in New Products by Wendylee

Funky Sterling Silver and pearlescent resin Pendants.

Splat Pendants are available online at,au

Pendant can be custom made for you in any colour that you wish.



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Australian Custom Orders Deadline

December 8, 2012 in Custom Orders, Madeit, New Products, Updates by Wendylee

Quick shout out to let you know that the deadline for all custom orders is Sunday the 9th December in the evening. This applies to Australian customers.

Due to postage times I cannot guarantee that any international parcels sent now will reach you in time for Christmas.

I am offering FREE Express post shipping to all my Australian Customers from now until Christmas on all orders.

Items will still be available for sale on my Made it Shop. Shop here




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Funky Eye Rings – I see you!

November 23, 2012 in Custom Orders, Inspiration, New Products, Uncategorized by Wendylee

I have been making these rings for a couple of years now. I love the one I made for myself and always get a reaction from people when I do. They either love it or they hate it because it freaks them out.

These rings have recently become popular again and I currently have 2 custom orders in the works for people who loved them.

They are quirky and fun to wear. It is a double ring with the eyeballs sitting between the fingers. There is somthing about these rings that evokes a sense of play. Try wearing one and not turning your fingers into noses like you are playing shadow puppets or freaking out people on the train to simply amuse yourself of a morning.

Please be aware that if you would like one of these rings for Christmas the last date that I ma taking custom orders is Saturday the 8th December.



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Sparkly textured Sterling Silver Earrings

November 20, 2012 in Madeit, New Products by Wendylee

I have been very busy making lots of new stock. With the upcoming Dreamers Markets in December and the restocking of my Incub8r Galleries.

Christmas is coming very quickly and the the custom orders are coming along nicely.

I thought I would share with you some of the new earrings that I have listed in my Madeit store

Earrings always make great christmas gifts as long as the receiver has pierced ears.

All earrings have been made from 100% recycled Silver. Every little bit helps the environment.

I am also working on matching pendants for these earrings to be available as a set. For now the earring shave been all listed on my Madeit Store.

Wendy Lee on MadeIt


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Día de los Muertos (Day of The Dead)

November 2, 2012 in Inspiration, Madeit, New Products by Wendylee

Día de los Muertos is a day of celebration and remembering those that have died. It is a public holiday in Mexico and is a 2 ay long festival.

Altars are built for the passed and offerings are made of Sugar skulls, marigolds, toys for little children and their favourite foods.

This holiday/festival is observed in countries all over the world.

To celebrate Día de los Muertos I have made sugar skull earrings.




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Red Glassy Goodness

October 21, 2012 in New On Etsy, New Products, Updates by Wendylee

Donuts without the calories. Not possible I hear you say. Well if they are made of glass than you wouldn’t want to eat them.

Have listed lots of glass donuts on Cabochons Galore

Various shades of reds. I am loving red at the moment and wearing lots of it as well.

These fused glass donuts have large holes that have been drilled into them. They look fantastic threaded up on torn saris, various threads and fibres, Perhaps even a kumihimo braid.

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New Earrings listed on Madeit

October 7, 2012 in Madeit, New Products by Wendylee

I have been busy making new earrings to list on Madeit.

These earrings are made using a process called Sublimation Printing. I really enjoy this process as it allows to me to use graphics, images or photographs and turn them into jewellery that is Big, bold and bright!

The earrings are a smaller version of what I have already listed in my shop measuring at 25mm round. Still large enough to see the graphics, but not to big to get in the way. The discs hang on handmade sterling silver earhooks.





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Hanging out with your inner child

September 22, 2012 in Inspiration, New Products, Techniques by Wendylee

Do you remember as a child those little pieces of plastic that you would get with your cereal? (of course it will depend on how old you are)

You would then put them in the oven and they would shrink. You would then have yourself a charm or bag tag. I am guessing these “cereal Toys” caused many arguments in households all over the world. Whose turn turn it was, who got the last one etc. It was certainly a frequent argument in our household.

Well for all of you reading this and are sitting there nodding with excitement …Yes..Yes.. I remember. Did you now that you can buy this stuff?  “Shrinky Dinks” is a brand name of this product…..  A4 sheets of paper that can be coloured, printed, stamped, punched, cut and then……SHRUNK..

You can also search for Shrink plastic and other bands will come up as well.

Check out this awesome tutorial from Jenny ( a bird in the hand)

So where do you find these wonderful sheets of plastic so that you can have them all to yourself and not fight with siblings.  Is a wonderful supplier of “Shrink Plastic” here in Australia.

They have it for sale in black, white, translucent or get yourself a mixed pack. Now go play with your inner child and have fun!

Thinking back on it this may have actually been the start of my pyromaniac tendencies. Of course it didn’t sop at these little gems in the cereal box you wanted to put lots of things in the oven to see if they would shrink. Chip packets worked well from my memories, although some brands and the ink came off when you shrunk them.

Will post more photos shortly of my play session. I have enjoyed playing with this medium and look forward to incorporating it into my work in the future but in the meantime I have just enjoyed playing with somthing I did as a child.

Stop and check out Heidi from Passionflower’s gorgeous jewellery that she creates with shrinkable plastic.

 Now go play with somthing you did as a child. Its good for your soul.


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