Sunday Shoutout – Dover Pictura

August 25, 2013 in Sunday Shoutout by Wendylee

Do you use a lot of images in your work and are constantly looking for new inspiration?

Have you heard about Dover Pictura?

I have been a fan of Dover books for many years and have amassed a healthy collection of the dover books but I recently discovered that you can purchase these images online.

Dover Pictura is set up so that you can purchase the entire book or you can purchase just a page of the book. The files are automatically downloaded to your computer ready for you to use.

I use a lot of the dover images in my teaching and provide students with the images to use in class samples.  For me it is  a great way to provide a variety of images that are royalty free.

Go  check out Dover Pictura now and sign up for the newsletter. If you register for the website you will be emailed a code that entitles you to 3 free image sheets from whatever book you select. How cool is that!

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Sunday Shoutout – Megacynics

August 18, 2013 in Sunday Shoutout by Wendylee

In an effort to blog more regularly I thought I would give each day a theme to make it easier to blog.

So being Sunday Shoutout, I will feature a blog, business etc that I like and follow.

Todays feature is ……Drumrollllllll….. Megacynics

Mega Cynics is an online comic with a cynical take on things.

Below is one of my favourite comics.



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