Deb Karash Workshop

March 23, 2013 in Sydney Jewellery School, Uncategorized, Workshops by Wendylee

It is very rare these days that I get to attend a workshop as the student. As I am usually the teacher at the front of the class. Although recently I had the opportunity to attend a Deb Karash workshop who was teaching at the Sydney Jewellery School.

Deb Karash is an amazing artist who does a lot of work in coloured pencils and copper. Check out Debs work here: Deb Karash

I really enjoyed the workshop and found the technique very relaxing. Took me back to being a child and sitting there colouring in.

Below is a picture of the piece that I created in the workshop.

Silver, copper and prismacolor

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Funky Eye Rings – I see you!

November 23, 2012 in Custom Orders, Inspiration, New Products, Uncategorized by Wendylee

I have been making these rings for a couple of years now. I love the one I made for myself and always get a reaction from people when I do. They either love it or they hate it because it freaks them out.

These rings have recently become popular again and I currently have 2 custom orders in the works for people who loved them.

They are quirky and fun to wear. It is a double ring with the eyeballs sitting between the fingers. There is somthing about these rings that evokes a sense of play. Try wearing one and not turning your fingers into noses like you are playing shadow puppets or freaking out people on the train to simply amuse yourself of a morning.

Please be aware that if you would like one of these rings for Christmas the last date that I ma taking custom orders is Saturday the 8th December.



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Cabochons Sale – 15% Off

November 22, 2012 in New On Etsy, Uncategorized, Updates by Wendylee

Super Cabochons Sale in my Etsy Shop  – Cabochons Galore

Receive 15% discount during checkout on all Cabochons purchases. Use the code “christmas” to receive the discount.

Glass Cabochons, Dichroic Glass cabochons, glass donuts, Gemstones, Gemstone Pairs.


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Are you ready for your Christmas orders?

October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized, Updates by Wendylee




Well as the saying goes “Time Flies when you are having fun”. This year has been no exception feels like we were only celebrating the new year last week and now its 9 weeks until christmas.

This sent me into a bit of a panic and made me do a stocktake of supplies so that I was ready. Suppliers always get inundated with last minute orders and the general christmas rush. So I wanted to be prepared so that I didn’t run out of anything and got in early so that my suppliers had it in stock.

So my checklist went a little like this.

  • Business Cards – Very important especially with upcoming shows, exhibitions and markets.
  • Gift Tags – MOO cards are ideal for this. Mini business cards.
  • Packaging – Boxes, tins and Tissue Paper
  • Postal Supplies – Padded envelopes, Express Bags.
  • Sterling Silver Recycled Sheet and Wire (to make all my earhooks)
  • Sheet Glass
  • Wax – I know seems a little weird to have on my list but I need it to carve my designs for lost wax casting.
  • Metalsmithing Super Essentials – SOLDER, FLUX AND PICKLE
  • Assorted Findings and beads that are not handmade but are rather accents.
  • Snaplock bags (can never have to many in various sizes)


Check, check, OK I think I am all sorted and actually organised.

I have been doing alot of searching Ebay for packaging supplies as there alot of sellers sell in various bulk quantities. There are also some sellers who sell tissue paper precut in 30cm x 30cm pieces which is an ideal size for jewellery. Convenient so that I also don’t have to cut it up as its ready to go.

One little gem I found in my search was this seller who sells various printe snaplock bags.

How is your to do list coming along?





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