Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! by Kathy Sheldon

October 21, 2012 in Off the Bookshelf, Techniques by Wendylee

Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! – Kathy Sheldon

A great new book on Shrink Plastic. Released just in time for Christmas this is a must have on your christmas wishlist.

This book was a step away from the jewellery making books  I tend to purchase. It was the images on the cover that drew me to this book.

The designs were so whimsical and fun that I wanted to play to.

There are 31 projects in this book that I am sure you will find somthing that inspires you, my problem is which one do I start with.

The instructions are easy to follow. The techniques involved do not involve alot of equipment to get started and can be done by young children.

The materials used are very cost effective. So many jewellery making techniques involve expensive equipment and supplies. They are also time consuming.

A great book full of fun and quirky designs that could also keep your kids occupied during the school holidays.

I loved this cute little unicorn wrap around ring y Tania Mo of Greenmot

This necklace from Stasia Burrington  

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Hanging out with your inner child

September 22, 2012 in Inspiration, New Products, Techniques by Wendylee

Do you remember as a child those little pieces of plastic that you would get with your cereal? (of course it will depend on how old you are)

You would then put them in the oven and they would shrink. You would then have yourself a charm or bag tag. I am guessing these “cereal Toys” caused many arguments in households all over the world. Whose turn turn it was, who got the last one etc. It was certainly a frequent argument in our household.

Well for all of you reading this and are sitting there nodding with excitement …Yes..Yes.. I remember. Did you now that you can buy this stuff?  “Shrinky Dinks” is a brand name of this product…..  A4 sheets of paper that can be coloured, printed, stamped, punched, cut and then……SHRUNK..

You can also search for Shrink plastic and other bands will come up as well.

Check out this awesome tutorial from Jenny ( a bird in the hand)

So where do you find these wonderful sheets of plastic so that you can have them all to yourself and not fight with siblings.  Is a wonderful supplier of “Shrink Plastic” here in Australia.

They have it for sale in black, white, translucent or get yourself a mixed pack. Now go play with your inner child and have fun!

Thinking back on it this may have actually been the start of my pyromaniac tendencies. Of course it didn’t sop at these little gems in the cereal box you wanted to put lots of things in the oven to see if they would shrink. Chip packets worked well from my memories, although some brands and the ink came off when you shrunk them.

Will post more photos shortly of my play session. I have enjoyed playing with this medium and look forward to incorporating it into my work in the future but in the meantime I have just enjoyed playing with somthing I did as a child.

Stop and check out Heidi from Passionflower’s gorgeous jewellery that she creates with shrinkable plastic.

 Now go play with somthing you did as a child. Its good for your soul.


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