Deb Karash Workshop

March 23, 2013 in Sydney Jewellery School, Uncategorized, Workshops by Wendylee

It is very rare these days that I get to attend a workshop as the student. As I am usually the teacher at the front of the class. Although recently I had the opportunity to attend a Deb Karash workshop who was teaching at the Sydney Jewellery School.

Deb Karash is an amazing artist who does a lot of work in coloured pencils and copper. Check out Debs work here: Deb Karash

I really enjoyed the workshop and found the technique very relaxing. Took me back to being a child and sitting there colouring in.

Below is a picture of the piece that I created in the workshop.

Silver, copper and prismacolor

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Roller Printing, Texturing Workshop – Sydney Jewellery School

October 21, 2012 in Sydney Jewellery School, Updates, Workshops by Wendylee

Roller Printing and Texturing Metal

I will be teaching this great workshop at the Sydney Jewellery school on Saturday 3rd November.

Its a fun day long workshop with lots of experimenting and playing.

Learn how to use a rolling mill and create texture on metal with everyday items. that you will find around the house. Hand texture metal using various hammers and found objects.

We will also be playing with various patinas, to colour and highlight the textures you have made.

When: Saturday 3rd November 2012

Where: Sydney Jewellery School : 30 – 40 Harcourt Parade Rosebery, NSW

Bookings : Roller Printing Workshop


Earrings I have made using Roller Printing Techniques


Sterling Silver Ring Created using Roller Printing Techniques

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Wax Carving Workshop – Sydney Jewellery School

October 7, 2012 in Sydney Jewellery School, Workshops by Wendylee

Have you always wanted to make your rings but lack the metalwork skills to do so? Can you never find a ring that fits in the shops?

Well this workshop is for you!

Starting on Wednesday the 24th October I will be teaching a wax carving Workshop at the Sydney Jewellery School.

Learn how to carve, shape and manipulate wax in preperation for casting in metal of your choice.

This is great workshop as it requires no previous metalwork experience or jewellery making experience.

For further details on the workshop click on one of the images and it will take you to the Sydney Jewellery School website.


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