Are you ready for your Christmas orders?

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Well as the saying goes “Time Flies when you are having fun”. This year has been no exception feels like we were only celebrating the new year last week and now its 9 weeks until christmas.

This sent me into a bit of a panic and made me do a stocktake of supplies so that I was ready. Suppliers always get inundated with last minute orders and the general christmas rush. So I wanted to be prepared so that I didn’t run out of anything and got in early so that my suppliers had it in stock.

So my checklist went a little like this.

  • Business Cards – Very important especially with upcoming shows, exhibitions and markets.
  • Gift Tags – MOO cards are ideal for this. Mini business cards.
  • Packaging – Boxes, tins and Tissue Paper
  • Postal Supplies – Padded envelopes, Express Bags.
  • Sterling Silver Recycled Sheet and Wire (to make all my earhooks)
  • Sheet Glass
  • Wax – I know seems a little weird to have on my list but I need it to carve my designs for lost wax casting.
  • Metalsmithing Super Essentials – SOLDER, FLUX AND PICKLE
  • Assorted Findings and beads that are not handmade but are rather accents.
  • Snaplock bags (can never have to many in various sizes)


Check, check, OK I think I am all sorted and actually organised.

I have been doing alot of searching Ebay for packaging supplies as there alot of sellers sell in various bulk quantities. There are also some sellers who sell tissue paper precut in 30cm x 30cm pieces which is an ideal size for jewellery. Convenient so that I also don’t have to cut it up as its ready to go.

One little gem I found in my search was this seller who sells various printe snaplock bags.

How is your to do list coming along?





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New Earrings listed on Madeit

October 7, 2012 in Madeit, New Products by Wendylee

I have been busy making new earrings to list on Madeit.

These earrings are made using a process called Sublimation Printing. I really enjoy this process as it allows to me to use graphics, images or photographs and turn them into jewellery that is Big, bold and bright!

The earrings are a smaller version of what I have already listed in my shop measuring at 25mm round. Still large enough to see the graphics, but not to big to get in the way. The discs hang on handmade sterling silver earhooks.





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Wax Carving Workshop – Sydney Jewellery School

October 7, 2012 in Sydney Jewellery School, Workshops by Wendylee

Have you always wanted to make your rings but lack the metalwork skills to do so? Can you never find a ring that fits in the shops?

Well this workshop is for you!

Starting on Wednesday the 24th October I will be teaching a wax carving Workshop at the Sydney Jewellery School.

Learn how to carve, shape and manipulate wax in preperation for casting in metal of your choice.

This is great workshop as it requires no previous metalwork experience or jewellery making experience.

For further details on the workshop click on one of the images and it will take you to the Sydney Jewellery School website.


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Hanging out with your inner child

September 22, 2012 in Inspiration, New Products, Techniques by Wendylee

Do you remember as a child those little pieces of plastic that you would get with your cereal? (of course it will depend on how old you are)

You would then put them in the oven and they would shrink. You would then have yourself a charm or bag tag. I am guessing these “cereal Toys” caused many arguments in households all over the world. Whose turn turn it was, who got the last one etc. It was certainly a frequent argument in our household.

Well for all of you reading this and are sitting there nodding with excitement …Yes..Yes.. I remember. Did you now that you can buy this stuff?  “Shrinky Dinks” is a brand name of this product…..  A4 sheets of paper that can be coloured, printed, stamped, punched, cut and then……SHRUNK..

You can also search for Shrink plastic and other bands will come up as well.

Check out this awesome tutorial from Jenny ( a bird in the hand)

So where do you find these wonderful sheets of plastic so that you can have them all to yourself and not fight with siblings.  Is a wonderful supplier of “Shrink Plastic” here in Australia.

They have it for sale in black, white, translucent or get yourself a mixed pack. Now go play with your inner child and have fun!

Thinking back on it this may have actually been the start of my pyromaniac tendencies. Of course it didn’t sop at these little gems in the cereal box you wanted to put lots of things in the oven to see if they would shrink. Chip packets worked well from my memories, although some brands and the ink came off when you shrunk them.

Will post more photos shortly of my play session. I have enjoyed playing with this medium and look forward to incorporating it into my work in the future but in the meantime I have just enjoyed playing with somthing I did as a child.

Stop and check out Heidi from Passionflower’s gorgeous jewellery that she creates with shrinkable plastic.

 Now go play with somthing you did as a child. Its good for your soul.


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Cabochons Galore

September 16, 2012 in New On Etsy by Wendylee

I have been very busy taking lots of photos and listing new cabochons. Glass, gemstones all ready waiting for you to use in your creations.

Set them in silver, wire wrap them, bead around them, set them in PMC or polymer clay.

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A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind…

September 11, 2012 in Inspiration by Wendylee

A great quote that has been attributed to Albert Einstein, a few other philosophers and a japanese proverb.

Regardless of the origins of the quote, having a sick mind is somthing that I can not be accused of.

I share with you my jewellers bench. It is covered in lots of UFO’S (Unfinished Objects), littered with the beginnings of many ideas. You will also find abandoned ideas, perhaps failures or somthing I will revisit when the creativity strikes.

It is a much loved bench, scuff marks, a couple of burns, unidentified scars. I cannot be accused of neglecting my beloved bench (except for giving it a good clean).

This is where I love to sit and play, meditate and calm my mind, where ideas grow and become reality.

Meet my Desk…..


Wendy's Creative Space

Are you brave enough to show your “real” creative Space?

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